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Singles' Night Comedy for Petuaria Players

The happy foursome: Steve Howland, Gill Collins, Gary Hart and Nick Johnson

An Eric Chappell comedy, Passing Strangers, is the opening production of the 2019-20 season for the Brough-based Petuaria Players.

In this play, Malcolm discovers how true his words are when he takes his friend, Clive, to a singles' evening. Clive, a hospital porter masquerading as a doctor, has been left by his wife while Malcolm is a confirmed bachelor and says he is "big in imports" - translated as a market stall trader. In the deserted hotel bar, they meet two recent divorcees, upwardly mobile Julie and cynical Liz.

Malcolm is determined to break down Liz's defences while trying to pair off Clive with Julie. However, the woimen have a few tricks of their own and Malcolm soon finds that life, like the evening, is full of surprises.

The play, at the Village Hall, Elloughton Road, Brough, runs from Thursday 24th-Saturday 26th October, 7.30 nightly. Tickets are £8 each from 01482 666908 or

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