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Bilton finally brings "Seeds" comedy to stage

Bilton Amateur Dramatic Society (BADS) are to perform Peter Gordon’s comedy play "Seeds of Doubt” next month

After beginning rehearsals for this last year, and having to abandon the original production date due to cast illnesses/operations/other commitments, BADS will be performing this funny play from 3rd to 5th April at The Bilton Theatre, between 17 & 19 Main Road, Bilton. The Director, Keith Davison, took over in January when the new production dates were set. "I was tempted to buy a full sized shed for this set, but decided instead to build one specifically for our stage" says Keith, and he has worked hard on getting the set just right for this garden-based production. He will be not only directing his wife in one of the roles, but taking on the job of sound & lighting operator on production nights, too. Keith is the longest serving member of BADS, having made his stage debut at the age of 10, in "Elizabeth I".

BADS have tackled Peter Gordon's work before and easily slipped into their respective roles, all working hard to do his script justice, especially during the more tender moments which are sprinkled throughout the play. The whole cast has worked very hard, putting in long rehearsal hours as well as putting up their own set in their free time and gathering appropriate props and outfits.

More information on the play itself and how to book tickets can be found at

The six members of the cast are looking forward to performing to the author, Peter Gordon, himself on one of the nights..

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