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The Snow Queen arrives in Shiptonthorpe

An East Yorkshire village's latest pantomime poses the following thoughts:

Can the wicked Snow Queen capture any more children?

Her wintry powers are weakening. Unless she can find fresh young bodies to turn into icicles, she will wither and die.

Can the villagers find any more food? They are starving.

Can the Traveller rescue his sister from the Snow Queen’s icy lair before she becomes frost pie?

Shiptonthorpe’s ninth annual community show takes the audience on a journey to answer all these questions in another bizarre play full of songs and silliness.

Writer and director, Diane Heaven says: “The Snow Queen is a traditional fairy tale but as usual with my pantos they are not always true to the original telling. This one uses puppets, has a guest appearance from Frankenstein and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and features loads of well-known songs and original choreography.

“I write pantos for the people who want to be in it and adapt the script just for them, making sure that everyone gets to do the things they want. I love every minute of working with such wonderful cast and crew. It has been a blast! Can’t wait now to see it performed!”

Watch out for the Rock Monster! Stay away from the Mad Hare! And whatever you do…don’t stray from the path.

The Snow Queen and her evil hound, played by Elizabeth and Samuel Thompson, will stop at nothing to get their way, even if it means sending the toughest (and vainest) knight in all England to kidnap more children.

Not even the Baron’s cook, Dame Gladys (Rob Woolley), could clobber such a warrior, surely?

Come on Traveller – save the day!

Show times are Friday 25th January, 7pm, Sat 26th January 3pm and 7pm, Fri 1st Feb 7pm and again Sat 2nd February, 3pm and 7pm. Tickets are £4 for children and £6 for adults from or telephone 07922 443639.

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